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This is your SafeMate Kit

Consisting of an ID card and two stickers, the SafeMate card kit is the perfect companion for your everyday outings.

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What is SafeMate?

Ultra-fast SafeMate for Medical Emergencies is a simple rescue system that allows qualified first responders to read your own individual SafeMate card and instantly get up on their screen just the details YOU’VE wanted them to know. Even if you're unconscious or shocked.

  • SafeMate - Saves lives

    Saves lives

    You provide the life-saving details you want paramedics to know in a medical emergency. Ultra-fast SafeMate - and the paramedic - do the rest.

  • SafeMate - Secure & Private

    Secure & Private

    Your details are encrypted and stored in Australia by SafeMate. Only accredited people can access them.

  • SafeMate - fast access

    Fast access

    Minutes could save your life. SafeMate is ultra-fast. You get treated right, right away. And you could be saving your life.

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The magic of SafeMate appears in Queensland

Joan’s mother Susan hadn’t recovered from a hip operation when she slipped and fell again, hitting her head on the fireplace screen. She was still unconscious when Joan phoned her and...

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Buying for more than one person or an organisation?

Retirement village? Childcare centre? Disability provider? Health-based organisation?

It’s easy. Contact SafeMate to learn how. Discounts available. SafeMate gives you, your family and your members peace of mind in any medical emergency. You know you’ve done the best you can for them.

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Buying for an
organisation or event?

Yes, SafeMate can do that too!

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Our partners

We’re working with Queensland Ambulance Service and CareComplete to deliver SafeMate to our communities.