Why SafeMate?

Protect yourself in an emergency with SafeMate.

Emergencies are unpredictable. SafeMate is active throughout your day-to-day life, providing you peace of mind whether you’re out or at home.

Rest easy in the knowledge that you have done all you can to protect yourself in the event an emergency does arise.

First responders can access your details even if you’re unconscious or disoriented.

SafeMate has partnered with Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), another reason to feel secure in SafeMate’s services.


We all know that in an emergency, it’s the first few minutes that count.

Precious time can be wasted while paramedics try to identify a patient and find out important details about their medical conditions – things they need to know in order to provide the most appropriate treatment. Having the right treatment, right away, can make all the difference.

And this is specially true in today’s COVID-19 world.

  • Provide access to personal and crucial medical information you want paramedics to know.

    It could make the difference between life and death.

    Allowing paramedics to gain fast, encrypted access to your important medical details can be of critical importance during the emergency rescue process, preventing unnecessary hospitalization and even death.

  • SafeMate is discreet.

    No chunky pendants or tags required.

    SafeMate is a discreet device. Feel lighter with no heavy pendant or alarm weighing you down.

    A lightweight card in your wallet or purse, a sticker on your phone or a Fitbit style wristband is all you need for instant access.

  • No expensive equipment needed.

    There is no expensive equipment to install and maintain. Once registering and entering one’s details online, you’re good to go.

  • 100% data privacy.

    Your details are kept entirely confidential.

    Your information is only accessible to paramedics and family/friends of your choosing. All data remains private and secure in our encrypted network.

    You decide what information you give. You’re the one in control.

  • Update your details any time.

    You can easily update your details on our website, any time you need to.

  • SafeMate is very affordable.

    SafeMate is affordable, at less than $0.30/day with an annual subscription of $96/year.

SafeMate is a form of insurance.

Providing you with the continued peace of mind that you’ll never again have to worry you won’t get the right treatment right away in a medical emergency.

Is SafeMate for you?
SafeMate was created to protect people of all ages and circumstances in case of a medical emergency.


  • a senior or elderly individual
  • a person with disability
  • a person with chronic and/or complex health conditions
  • a person who works in a dangerous occupation or other high-risk environment
  • a carer who knows that SafeMate would be beneficial for the person(s) you’re looking after
  • an organisation or company who wants to provide better support and protection for their members and employees

With SafeMate, you feel more secure in your safety, before the accident even occurs. First responders instantly know everything you want them to know, even if you’re unconscious. You get treated immediately and could even avoid a hospital visit or further complications.

In a medical emergency, SafeMate’s your best mate.

Buying for more than one person or an organisation?

Retirement village? Childcare centre? Disability provider? Health-based organisation?

It’s easy. Contact SafeMate to learn how. Discounts available. SafeMate gives you, your family and your members peace of mind in any medical emergency. You know you’ve done the best you can for them.

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Buying for an
organisation or event?

Yes, SafeMate can do that too!

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