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SafeMate Kit


The SafeMate card kit consists of a plastic card the size of a credit card, three assorted stickers, and two key tags.

We now also offer a wristband!

Additionally, you can purchase a SafeMate wristband. The wristband is made of waterproof silicone ensuring durability. You can wear your wristband 24/7 and it comes at a small additional cost of $15.00.

Your SafeMate kit is designed with security and sensibility in mind. You can choose from a number of ways to wear your SafeMate products, keeping them accessible in case of a medical emergency.

When necessary your personal SafeMate QR code can be scanned by:

§ Paramedics to retrieve your private medical information

§ Anyone on scene to retrieve your public medical information

Store your SafeMate card in your wallet, or wear it in a lanyard.

Stick your SafeMate stickers to your front door or your emergency call device, where they can be easily seen by first responders.

Your SafeMate key tags can be attached to your key ring, so they are always with you when you drive.

Your SafeMate wristband can be worn 24/7 to optimise your safety.

To purchase a wristband please call (07) 3184 9107, or email us at so that we can send it to you.

This service is currently only available in QLD, with other states to follow soon.

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Buying for more than one person or an organisation?

SafeMate gives all individuals peace of mind in a medical emergency. Are you an organisation, retirement village, childcare centre or disability provider?

Get in contact with SafeMate at to find out about how we can benefit your members.

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organisation or event?

Yes, SafeMate can do that too!

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