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Get faster emergency treatment with SafeMate

If you have a medical emergency, wouldn’t you like a QAS paramedic to have instant access to your vital medical details, even if you are unconscious or in shock? Well, with SafeMate, you can.

Paramedics use the QR technology, which scans your personalised SafeMate ID getting you the right treatment, right away.

Predict the unpredictable
Medical emergencies are unpredictable. Rest easy knowing first responder access is guaranteed, no matter where you are in QLD.

Privacy ensured
All details provided by our users are 100% encrypted and can only be accessed by paramedics and certified first responders.

Affordable safety
SafeMate is an inexpensive way (less than $2/week) of safeguarding your health and establishing peace of mind for yourself and family members.

Discretion matters
SafeMate takes the form of a lightweight card or a sticker and is all paramedics need for instant access. So your personal information is not on display.

This particular offer is exclusive to Members of Diabetes Queensland.

You can either pay $27 for a three month subscription or pay $86 upfront for a year.

Offer is only valid with a minimum of a 3 month membership, promotion expires 30/06/2021, T&Cs apply.

There are no fees for cancellation to the subscription.

SafeMate is currently only available in QLD for QLD residents, other states to follow.

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This offer is exclusive to Diabetes Queensland Members.

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